Monday, November 30, 2015

Conversation on the Amityville Horror House by Lauren C Dole

Note from James: Oh, geez. -Facepalm- So embarrassed. I did this to SpookyLady and now I've done it to Lauren. ... I've gotten her last name wrong for the past three weeks now. It's actually Lauren C. Dole NOT Cole. Whoops! Anyway, hope you enjoy Lauren's explanation on the Amityville Horror.


Okay. Enough is enough.

The Lutz lied. Yes, the Defeo son killed his family. Yes, it was a horrible event. But the Lutz moved in and capitalized on this tragedy. Lied and made lots of money. Their goal from the start. I was friends with the owners after the Lutz family had left. They owned the home for thirteen years and NOT ONCE while I was there was there ANY paranormal event. I am paranormal gifted myself, being able to see and communicate with the dead, so I should know.

The Lutz told so many lies that have already been disputed. We, on Long Island, are so sick and tired of the Lutz family making money off of their lies. People are so fast to believe these lies and will not even listen to the truth. BUT we on L.I. know the truth.

Chris Lutz, STOP capitalizing on the lies your father told. It's an insult to the very paranormal events that are actually encountered.

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