Monday, October 19, 2015

Banging on the Walls by SpookyLady InSanDiego

My friend Rose told me this story about a house her family owned in England:

The house had been in our family for years. After my older siblings had all left home it was only my mother and I. I was about 10 or 11 years old. My mom had recently gotten engaged and we were about to move to a very rural town to live with her new husband and I wasn’t one bit happy about it.

It was quite a big house with four bedrooms; my mother and I shared a room with two single beds. I would always go to bed before she did. She was very creative and sometimes sculpted from wood or clay or would paint. I always felt comforted knowing she was there. 

One night I was sleeping when I a loud banging woke me up. I thought perhaps my mother was mending her shoes, nailing a sole onto the shoe or making noise while sculpting. When the sound continued I realized it was coming from the bedroom walls! I got scared and went downstairs to see what my mother was doing. As I reached the bedroom door I saw my mother coming up the stairs. She thought I was making the noise! “I thought it was you!” I said to her.

The banging was so loud and the walls started shaking that it reminded me of the old movie The Haunting. The sound was coming from the room that used to be my sister’s. My mother and I stood outside the door, huddling together and scared to open it. Suddenly the banging stopped.

We gingerly opened the door and looked inside. We thought for sure the room would be completely destroyed…but everything was in its place. 

After looking around and finding nothing wrong we went back out and closed the door. As soon as we did the banging started again! I don’t think I’ve been more scared in my life. When the banging stopped again we opened the door – to the same result: nothing appeared to have been moved. Exhausted, my mother and I laid together in the same bed until the banging stopped…which was around 6 AM.

Later that day we went to our neighbor’s house and asked them if they heard the banging. Though the house was a duplex with adjacent walls, they hadn’t heard a thing.

The only thing I can think of is, perhaps a spirit didn’t want us to leave after our family had lived in the house for so long. We moved out shortly after. I will never in my life forget the sound of that banging.

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