Monday, August 24, 2015

Spirit Photo of the Day: Car Wreck Ghost

I found this photo off of the many paranormal groups I'm a part of on Facebook (whom add me without asking, but when they post stuff like this - it's okay!). I can't remember the group name, but I do remember the person posting the photo had no information other than pointing out the obvious that there are ghostly figures in the photo. I did some research on the photo and unfortunately found nothing to note do to most of the pages that had information were in a different language. And yes, I know, "Google Translate can be your friend!" even though it's inaccurate a lot. I didn't bother. The only page that had an English description of the background simply said, "Cop takes photo of bad car wreck ..." something to that effect. 

Personally, I don't think it's real. With a lot of people tampering with photos and phone apps that add spirits to your photos. It just seems too fake to me. But I'd be interested in hearing what you think. 

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