Monday, June 15, 2015

Zak Bagans Fangirl Proganda: He's a Boss ... Because He Eats Cookies (WTF?)

He's a boss ... because he eats cookies? Zak Bagans fangirl propaganda machine strikes again! This one is so stupid that it's funny.

(No offense to whoever made this; I am sure you're a very sweet person who just has a massive fixation on Zak the Bagans. And that's okay, but ... come on. COME ON! Like a boss for eating cookies? If he slayed a dragon. Sure! If he passed his SATs. Yeah, that sounds like a good example - although, I think Zak is too old for that now (and maybe he did. I did read Zak's first biography, but don't recall), but you know what I mean - but a cookie?)

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