Monday, May 11, 2015

Scared Sheetless Update: Why So Slow?; New Articles!

What's up fellow frighteners? James here with a new update for you. Let's get started.

Why So Slow?

As you may have noticed, as well as seen my message on my Facebook page, things may seem a little slow on here for multiple of reasons. The biggest one being that we finally have some nice weather, so I'm taking advantage of it. That and I'm kind of forced to, because of a low Vitamin D problem I have that scared the crap out of me weeks prior.*

*(I was having weird symptoms and I'm a hypochondriac, so I was looking at WebMD and stuff to see what I had. I pretty much diagnosed myself with everything from nerve tissue damage to multiple schlerosis. Thank goodness it's something that was taken care of quickly).

Not only am I taking advantage of the warm weather for health reasons, I am also in the process of getting ready for a cookout in June. Cleaning up, getting stuff prepped, has taken up a lot of time. Most days I have little to no time to post anything on here.

Another reason, and I hate to say this, is just a general lack of interest in Scared Sheetless. I was a lot like this last year as well when the nice weather came rolling around. But not to worry, the weather will get hot, I hate the heat with a passion, so things will go back to normal in no time at all.

But for right now, please be patient. This blog is not completely abandoned as I've been trying to post a few things a week.

New Articles!

The golden goose of Scared Sheetless is articles by our highly regarded and respected contributors. Friday I posted a new article by Cindie Harper and tonight around 7:30 pm/EST will bring another. She has sent me three articles, so expect more from her next week.

And of course, expect new articles by Chad Stambaugh and Chris Chaos as well.

That's it for now. I hope you guys had a great weekend! Keep it scary.

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