Monday, April 6, 2015

Rant: Batgirl Cover Controversy - Stop Censoring Creativity

What is wrong with people these days? I hate it when something such as feminism or racism becomes such a trend that all of the sudden all entertainment companies have to follow pursuit. 

Now, now, don't fill up with the hateorade. I understand that people have trigger points with certain things. I know feminists hate anything that degrades or hurts the "proper" female image. I understand that even some things that the entertainment industry does can offend people. Trust me, I've been there. 

I know that I beat the "fat discrimination exists" drum all the time. I post shit on Facebook, on here, and pretty much everywhere about it. And sure, I've stopped watching shows because of what some actor/actress said in an interview that pissed me off enough. I've wanted nothing but the cancellation of some shows, because I feel they're worthless and encourage people to think hateful things. But that's only because their morality code is askew. But then again, I realize some shows have the good guy, bad guy, good girl, bad girl element to it. Much like comics. 

Joker is a bad guy. We all know this. We all know he does bad things to good people. It's what's in his daily motive. He's a bad guy; he's going to do things that offend people. But now that feminism isn't just an idea now, but a trend (and you know trends. When something becomes popular all of the sudden the bandwagon jumpers - the ones who know dick squat about what they're following - have to follow - see the urban definition of: SHEEP) now all of the sudden people have to get after comic books about the women showing their boobs or wearing bikinis or shaving their legs (I worked on a feminist porn site before, so I KNOW - don't ask. It was a job that I wasn't too thrilled of doing. Maybe I'll tell you some time.) And of course, DC Comics will follow and probably Marvel will follow. And you could say it's out of the goodness of their hearts, but nope. It's because they don't want any red tape or/and they don't want to hear the constant bitching from people who take fiction a little too seriously. On one side of the coin, I understand. No company, especially an entertainment publication, wants any red tape or have their inbox flooded with angry feminists. But I have more respect for entertainment industries who say, "Fuck you. We're going to do what we've always done. Don't like, don't buy our comics and books. You can't control creativity." 

However, I'm sure a huge percentage of the people who are bitching on Twitter with their little #changethecover hashtag, don't even fucking read comic books. Sure, some probably do or used to or whatever. But I'm sure most do not. It's the whole thing that people have way too much time on their hands. Some people simply can't enjoy life, they always have to find something to bitch about. And it's like this new saying I've been posting around: misery loves company and if they can't find company, they'll make company. 

There is also controlling creativity. You shouldn't be able to tell an artist what they can write, what they can sing, what they draw. I'm all about pushing the boundaries with writing, movies, television. Why? Because I understand that it's fiction. You tell the illustrator of all the female comics of DC Comics what they can't do, it doesn't become fun anymore. It's not compelling. People shouldn't censor creativity. But they are. Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Catwoman, all of them, can't wear skimpy outfits anymore, because 'it's a harmful image.' Why? Are you saying women shouldn't be sexy or feel sexy? Maybe this is why they killed off Deadpool, because he was a pervert. 

It's foolish. It's frustrating that people are trying to control fictional properties. It's immoral, it's wrong. You don't like it? Don't read it. You don't like seeing sex on your TV, movies, or the internet, don't go on there and don't watch it. I swear people with extremists views try their best to find something to bitch about and it's awful. It's terrible. Soon, everyone, EVERYONE will be walking on eggshells because now they can't think of sex, because it's wrong towards women. Artists won't be able to show their creativity, because it will offend someone. 

Chill out. Enough is enough. I got a hashtag for the censors: #stopcensoringcreativity.

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