Monday, April 6, 2015

Forget Paranormal Unity

Paranormal Unity - an idea established a few years ago that has since fizzled to nothing, but a few hopeless individuals not willing to drop it. An idea that spread like wild fire and extinguished with very little trace of its existence left behind.

Is it/was it a good idea? Yes. I, for one, wanted it and spread banners like the one above all over. But ... it simply doesn't work. The paranormal investigating field has gone from those who have respect for the urban exploration/investigating/truth seeking, to a fad where every one and their brother was a "ghost hunter", to people just trying to get on TV to those looking for a quick cash in. This hobby, this form of amateur/pseudo-science, this venture (whatever fits with you) is running out of respectful people.

People fight over evidence all the time. People have cocky attitudes. "I have the better equipment. That means I'm a better investigator than you, Mr. Last Years K-2." And so on and so forth. Even the people who post and preach paranormal unity are ruthless competitors. You can't have unity through aggressive competition.

I posted something about this a few days ago (when I post this it will probably really be weeks ago) about how people in the paranormal community need to stop acting like children when it comes to ideas and theories and just grow the hell up. Most of peoples replies to this basically told me to ignore them. With apologies to those people, I find that response to be lazy. Sometimes what's easy is not always the right answer.

If everyone stays silent, nobody will know there's a problem. It's like everyone accepting all orbs as proof of a spirit. Finally someone stepped up and said, "Hold on here. We did an experiment and we have some bad news for you." It used to be common knowledge that all EVPs are spirits talking to you. Then someone said, "Maybe it's not and maybe it's one of your group members?" And people started to tag what they do during sessions. If we remain silent, no one will know what they're doing wrong.

What about paranormal unity? How about living and spirit unity? People have seem to forgotten what the important piece is to the paranormal - the spirits. Too many groups are hellbent on finding proof so they'll become famous. Too many people are too focused on crapping on everyone else to make themselves feel superior and more intelligent than others. Too many people forget that helping the spirits and/or the client is the most important aspect of investigating.

Let's forget paranormal unity now. Focus on caring for the lost souls and the scared clients. Let's reach out and do what we should do - help.

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