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An All Female Ghostbusters Movie? My Thoughts

Note: My opinion on this movie is now very different compared to my oblivious optimism shown in this blog. You can check it out my new and current thoughts here. However, I will say that the world of television can always have a Ghostbusters show, but to hear my thoughts on the supposed new movies, check out the latest piece.

As if the whole Ghostbusters III debacle couldn't be even more of a clustertruck (there I kept it PG!), it is now more complicating. Or is it?

Look at the picture above: this was IDW Comics Ghostbusters Ongoing series. A great series that will unfortunately come to a close soon (although a Ghostbusters/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cross over has been confirmed, so that's cool!). The boys we all know and love have been sucked into another dimension, but New York still needs their paranormal investigators and eliminators, so new busters are formed. It was well executed and would work today --- if today was in the early 90's.

Problem is there are too many cons to this venture that Paul Feig has been selected to direct. Details are brand new and still haven't been completely etched out to where everything is clear. This is unknown to whether or not this is taking over the announced Ghostbusters 3 or a new project altogether that has little or nothing to do with the third movie.

There is only one way I see this working and keeping fans (or Ghost Heads) happy. Keep this separate from the movies. If they slap a Ghostbusters 3 on this I guarantee it will fail. Not saying my guarantees are absolute, I have been wrong before and already have plans to be wrong again, but this WON'T work. I'm sorry to Feig and to the entertaining cast I'm sure they have planned. Keep it separate from the movies, but still a part of the Ghostbusters franchise.

How about TV? I'm not talking about a crappy straight-to-DVD flop, but an actual sitcom. Have this Feig guy as a Producer, hire some writers (hell, the guys who do the IDW Ghostbusters comics would be my first choices if it was my project), and there you go. Of course have Dan Aykroyd attached to this in some way or capacity, whether it be a Producer or a Creative Consultant. If people see an original Ghostbuster approves of this, then I think more people will have a better outlook on it.

Not to write a fan fiction, but if it was my idea I'd have this in modern times, but not in New York City. Maybe they can hint that the original busters still have that territory, though they're thinking of handing over the reigns to someone else (an obvious Easter Egg to the third movie - that's if this comes out before the movie.) Lets say this is Chicago, Detroit, whatever. But lets take Aykroyd's original idea that Ghostbusters is a regular duty now in any town or big city. You have your police officers, your firemen, and Ghostbusters. Chicago, Detroit, whatever (lets say it IS Chicago), now buys into the Ghostbusters franchise. Now they have a team, but who to get? People off the street? Oh, no. This isn't an average Joe job. How about college students that are studying subjects such as parapsychology. We can keep the Police Academy like shenanigans and have four or five busters.

Pilot ---- Chicago: paranormal epidemic ---- buy into the franchise --- search for busters --- the show ends with the newly assembled busters at their new job (be it a firehouse or whatever, but it would be cool if something abandoned). And maybe end it with the Ghostbuster theme.

It could work!

At first when I was going to write this blog, I was going to complain about how foolish it is to do an all women cast, but the more I think about it, the more it may be a unique idea.

Just please get someone as hot as Janine. Be a hater. Janine in Ghostbusters II was freaking smoking!

But who to cast? Obviously you need some funny women. Feig has worked with Melissa McCarthy and I think she could work as a Ghostbuster. Make her a para-nerd, but not as much as Egon (rest in peace). More like Ray. She can be excited over every little thing that goes bump in the night and still have a great sense of humor. Haven't seen her movies yet, but she is a laugh riot on Mike and Molly.

But of course you'll need a mix of veteran actresses and fresh faces. My next candidate would be:

First of all, I really like Kat Dennings, not to mention, I also dig "alternative" hot chicks. Second, this could be a great way to get her off that mediocre show, Two Broke Girls. Kat has been typecast for so long as a goth, but she does it so well, that you forget she is one. Trust me on this. I know earlier I mentioned a character in the Ghostbusters universe named Kylie Griffin - Kat would make a perfect fit. See, if they do that, I would make it that Kylie (played by Kat Dennings) has been sent by Ray (her mentor) to another city to expand the franchise. Kylie, much like her character in the comics, can be very knowledgeable on the subject, but is also sarcastic. 

We need a bad ass female though. 

Found one!

For those of you unaware of who this is, this is Sarah Carter, also known as Maggie on the totally awesome show, Falling Skies. When I first saw Sarah, who made her Falling Skies debut in Season 1, I was a bit pessimistic. Hot female, suppose to be bad ass, going to hog the spotlight "cause she so hot!" Alright, she is hot, but I was wrong. She can also act very, very good. Aside from Falling Skies, her other roles will not leave an impact with anyone (maybe). A lead in a new Ghostbusters TV show could change that. With Falling Skies ending soon (the 2015 season is suppose to be the last), I'd like to see more of Carter. She could play a Winston-esque type, cause I could totally see her saying, "This job is not worth eleven-five a year!" Course, put some inflation on that figure.

Is three enough? I'd say for right now it is, but I could definitely see some guest stars. Maybe even have Ernie Hudson, Winston Zeddemore, himself have a lead star appearance on the show. Sort of like a trainer to the new team. Maybe have Aykroyd, Ray Stantz, come on the show a few times. Bill Murray? As much as I'd love it, we may hear about Peter Venkman on the show, but I don't think we'll ever see him. But who knows? Maybe Bill will see the female cast and have a change of heart. But even that is far-fetched unfortunately.

But do we really need just female Ghostbusters? How about Ghostbusters is now national and sometimes they'll have other busters join them, whether they're in training or learning other teams techniques, this would be great to bring in some good stars.

But just like every movie, TV show, blah, blah, blah. There HAS to be a love interest. And as much as I like to break that tradition just to show that not everything has to follow a certain formula, it could work on this show. Say one character is married, another has a boyfriend, and it could be bad. They could have spirits abduct their spouses or hell, even their kids. It could work.

But if I keep on going, I'm going to ramble. I know I will. Maybe I already am. Yep. I most likely am. But what do you think? Does the world need an all female Ghostbusters, should we stick with the original plans for a Ghostbusters 3, or should Sony and Dan Aykroyd put this 30 year dream to sleep once and for all?

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