Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Understanding the Spirit Realm by Chad Stambaugh

Every one of us has our own sets of problems that are related to fear. In fact, we face our spiritual journey according to our perceptions and beliefs. However, let me point out that most often our fears are related to the future. That is, I think we fear to fail or we are scared we can’t bear things in the future due to no confidence, especially when things go wrong.

Furthermore, not only do our fears regarding the future make us feel uncomfortable at present but also the lack of understanding the existence of the spiritual realm worsens our focus of our immediate existence. Therefore, in order for us to exist in the future dimension we need to master our fears. Unfortunately, not every one of us has the ability to overcome our fears, especially when it comes to understanding the spirit realm. In fact, most of us see the spiritual realm as something scary due to beliefs of demonic existence which actually is not something to fear.

Then again, when I look back at my own spiritual journey, I realize that once upon a time I was scared of the darkness and had no understanding of the existence of the spirit realm, thus bringing about negative views of them. Therefore, I believe there are people out there who need help in understanding the spirit realm correctly and such a responsibility should be taken by those who have the understanding about the existence of the spirit realm.

Therefore, I feel that education on having a correct understanding of the spirit realm which I have learned and am continuing to learn from all the courses that I have taken over the last couple of years, has given me the chance to see the existence of the spiritual realm from a different point of view, to see the truth that exists beyond death. In fact, there's a lot of negativity that was in my own spirituality, which have changed to positivity in my opinion should be shared with others.

I believe it is not the qualifications that I have learned from all the courses that make me feel the need to share with others what I have learned from these courses, but rather, those courses have made me realize that truth, positive attitude, respect for others and positive visualization have all given me the chance to see and link between them with the actual concept of human love. As for me, true love should come naturally from the bottom of our hearts that includes mind-body-soul.

Therefore, the fruits of these courses have taken away the fear and negativity of the darkness and the unknown of the future. The education of my mind has put me at ease with life and death. I encourage all of you to take on your own spiritual growth and see how it brings clarity and peace to your own lives.

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