Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Paranormal Guide Presents: Ghosts, Ghouls and Demons - Rabisu

Ghosts, Ghouls and Demons

Origin: Akkadian mythology.
Ancient Assyrian religion - demon.

Description: Fallen angels that are transformed into vampiric spirits, and mainly appear human in form, with demonic features and angelic wings.

On this earth they lurk in the shadows, waiting to attack the living as they enter their homes. The Rabisu is said to be the seizer of souls, hiding in dark recesses, waiting for their unsuspecting prey.

In hell, it is said they roam the Desert of Anguish waiting for newly arrived souls.

Mythology states that the Rabisu are from ancient times and were of the angelic rebellion. Due to their disgrace they were banished from heaven. The Rabisu transformed over time from energy sucking spirits into vampire type beings. At first they would use human energy to create force to manipulate and move objects, in a poltergeist kind of way. They would create immense havoc and fear with their ‘hauntings’.

Given the fear the Rabisu invoked, they were highly sought by sorcerers of dark magick as their power could be used to harm enemies. It is said that the Rabisu influenced those practicing dark magick, so ultimately it was the Rabisu and not the sorcerer who was in control. When the Rabisu was conjured they became more dangerous as they had found a way to manifest into physical form. Not only could they now control the mind of man, they could become a walker among men - free to cause harm through the mind and now the body. Once in this physical form they required a new power source, and upon tasting blood, their lust for it became unstoppable.

There were limitations for the Rabisu - they required a living human to conjure them. Humans who sought revenge on their enemies would use a conjurer to call on the Rabisu. Payment for this was a cup of their blood. The uncertainty of this type of venture was that there were no promises that the Rabisu would not kill you in the process.

For one to ward off the Rabisu it was said they needed to place sea salt at their threshold. Sea salt revolted the Rabisu and they would seek other prey to satisfy their hunger.

Written by Nic Hume of APPI - Australian Paranormal Phenomenon Investigators
Put together by Ashley Hall

Photo: Humanoid, winged, devilish aspects... it will do.

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