Saturday, April 12, 2014

Dreams: A Door Way to Future Dimensions? by Chad Stambaugh

While we are awake, we experience reality through our fundamental nature. We judge our environment based on rational and logical thinking. In fact, most of the time while we are fully awake we tend to judge this reality with our five senses that shape our view of this reality. However, still there are things that seem unable to be explained which do not get along with our fundamental thinking that leads us to disregard it as non-existent. Perhaps, dreams are the doorway to explore the reality of the unseen world.

Meanwhile, some of us will give personal interpretations and view dreams according to one’s perceptions and beliefs. However, scientific belief interprets dreams as the subjective experience of imaginary images, sounds or voices, words, thoughts or sensations during sleep, while some interpret as a series of images, ideas, and emotions occurring in the mind during the 5th stage of sleep known as the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) stage.

However, it is widely believed that dreams are visions meant to guide us. Moreover, Freud and Jung have compared dream material with its symbolic content that have become psychotherapy’s most important aid in the exploration of the unconscious.

Therefore, I believe that dreams also may have links to the existence of parallel worlds too. Perhaps, to dream is the easiest way for an ordinary person to experience the existence of parallel worlds as Reader’s Digest (1979) has suggested in "How to Interpret Your Dreams", where it is believed that dreams are the gateway to an inner world, a world just as real as the one outside. Furthermore, Reader’s Digest had added, “What is outside is also inside; what is inside is also outside."

Interestingly we believe that dreams can aid us to continue our existence and even before we see the future dimension, but there are still skeptics who ignore dreams and label them as fragments of images that play while we are asleep that are not more than just the reflections related to our daily activities. Therefore, according to them, dreams are no more than just brain activities.

However, I believe that there are things that we can learn beyond dreams. In fact, dreams may also enlighten our personal emotional burden. Therefore, dreams perhaps is a doorway to search for personal problems that we are not able to solve in reality. In fact, dreams are as real as how we experience in reality. Furthermore, I would like to point out my own personal experiences on getting clues and answers to a certain personal difficulty. I realize, every time I could not solve any difficulties or I really needed an answer for a certain doubt, then my inner soul will search and resolve the difficulty through lucid dreams.

Finally, one may find dreams to be a vision that might happen in the future, but personally for me, dreams are like a doorway to the future dimension, where our inner self has already experienced the future to give us the opportunity to learn and prepare ourselves before those foretelling experiences happen in reality, or we may even be able to alter future dimensions that may benefit us through our positive attitude and visualization. So what do you think?

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