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The Paranormal Guide Presents: Close Encounters - Close Encounters of a Sexual Kind

Close Encounters of a Sexual Kind
Close Encounters

The modern era of UFOs and Ufology (the study of the many variants and aspects to do with UFOs) perhaps began in 1947, when, in late June of that year, a pilot by the name of Kenneth Arnold, while flying near Mount Rainier in Washington, claimed he saw nine metallic objects fly past him at supersonic speeds. It was after he described these objects as “bouncing through the air like a saucer skipping across water” that the media coined the phrase “flying saucer”. This event was the beginning of the modern age of public fascination, anxiety and curiosity of all things "extra-terrestrial" and "other-worldly", even though mysterious flying objects and crafts had been seen and reported since the century before, and "Foo Fighters"(a term used to describe mysterious aerial phenomena) were being reported by Allied pilots all throughout WWII.

In the years that followed, many varied forms of UFOs were seen and reported, with many being identified. However, stories of strange crafts and their occupants started emerging, intertwined with conspiracy theories concerning government cover-ups and the collection of said crafts, occupants and perhaps even their technology.

Betty and Barney Hill were the first to bring out into the public domain their story of being abducted by beings while driving home in 1961. Since then, thousands of people have reported similar events, of being kidnapped by beings while driving or from their own homes. Most report that when experimented on, there was an emphasis on the reproductive system. Almost always "abductees", as they refer to themselves, are returned and have lost time, often not remembering what took place until later.

Usually reports are made from English-speaking countries and territories, however a strange case of sexual experimentation emerged from Brazil that pre-dates the Hill case, and varies slightly from the usual abduction dialogue, as it appears that the first inter-planetary session of love-making may have taken place!

It is claimed that in 1957 a 23 year old farmer by the name of Antonio Vilas-Boas, was ploughing fields one night in October when he saw a "red star" in the sky. The "star" then approached him, and upon landing, he saw it was a circular or egg-shaped craft with a red light at the front, supported by 3 legs.

When attempting to leave on his tractor, Antonio found the tractor’s lights and engine died a short distance away, so he decided to flee on foot. He was almost immediately seized by four, 5-6 feet tall beings, who dragged him towards the craft. Once inside, his clothes were removed and a strange gel was applied all over him. He was then led into another room where blood samples were taken. He was led into a third room and left alone, where a gas was emitted which made him extremely ill.

Later he was joined in the room by a naked female humanoid, who Antonio found very attractive. She was the same height as the beings that had seized him from the fields, and she had strange cat-like eyes and platinum blonde hair. However her underarm and pubic hair were bright red!

Antonio claims the two made love over a period of time, noting that she never kissed him but nipped playfully on his chin. Afterwards, the female humanoid seemed relieved to have finished, and upon leaving the room, patted her belly and pointed to the ceiling, which Antonio took to mean that she would raise any offspring in outer space. He was given his clothes back and was escorted on a tour of the ship, in which he attempted to take a clock-like device as proof of his experience. However, he was soon escorted off the ship and the device confiscated.

Antonio returned home finding several hours had passed.

Soon after his encounter, Antonio started to become very ill and a journalist friend contacted a professor at the National School of Medicine of Brazil, who concluded after examining him that the farmer had been exposed to radiation from some source, and was suffering from mild radiation sickness. He did recover and became a lawyer, married and had four children.

Although he never spoke publicly about his experience or sought fame or celebrity, he is said to have never changed his story on the times he spoke of it, and supposedly died of a mysterious illness in 1991. What many have trouble believing is that while most, if not all, abductees use hypnosis to recall what may have happened to them, Antonio was always able to recall the event without being regressed, and many have speculated that he made the story up after reading similar stories in magazines.

Similar stories to Boas' were being circulated before 1957, and many have since then claimed stories closely related, of sometimes being forced to participate in sexual activity with beings aboard crafts. A recent example being from China, in which a man named Meng Zhaoguo claimed that in 1994, after he and a relative had an encounter with a landed craft and its occupants in a forest area, he was on numerous occasions abducted from his home and forced to have sexual relations with a female humanoid said to be 10 ft tall and have not only 6 fingers on each hand, but braided leg fur!

Meng also claims that he was told by his lover aboard the craft that she was from Jupiter. His claims have been deemed by many as lies.

What do you think, are extra-terrestrial beings flying around in metallic aircraft, mutilating cattle and when they get horny abducting humans for sexual hi-jinks???

By Matty Sweeney
Picpost by Ashley Hall 2014

Main Picture: Illustration based on events as described by Antonio Vilas-Boas.
Left: Antonio Vilas-Boas.
Right: A sketch of the craft.

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