Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Scary (Well, Not Really) Games: Survivors

I'm a big fan of Achievement Hunter, which is ran by Rooster Teeth, which is also something I really enjoy. I stumbled across a walk through of a game called Survivors, where Gavin, Geoff, Ryan, and Michael go into the deepest and darkest woods finding notes to ...

Wait a minute? Dark woods? Notes? This sounds familiar. Oh right! Slenderman!

You guys remember Slenderman right? No, not the article I wrote, but the famous PC game, which was a fad, but is now forgotten? Yeah, that one. This game sounds strangely familiar to that. Is it a knock off or a homage? Who knows for sure, but it definitely made for some very entertaining moments in this video I'm going to post. If you don't like naughty language or jump scares (though terribly executed), then you should probably not watch it. But do anyways, because it's freaking hilarious!

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