Sunday, October 27, 2013

Jennifer Scelsi of CSI: Paranormal on Paranormal Bullying

A Few Thoughts I Feel the Need to Talk About

1. Paranormal Bullying 

2. Why we are all in this field 

3. Same goal (looking for answers and proof)

4. Methods and ways of doing things

5. Why the f**k do we continue to bash each other?

6. Will we ever get along?

1. You know, all I hear about lately are these people who feel the need to make fun of, talk about and be little by thinking that they are the better team. Because they have more years on some of us, only to find out that they who we thought were friends, were really fake. Everyone has feelings too! When you pick on each other, it makes them look jealous, hateful, and rude. It’s just plain mean in the end that the bullies end up getting back what they dish out. It is called Karma, ladies and Gentlemen! And she can be a real b****! Do not act like you are better than the rest of us. Worry about the fakes out there that do stupid shit like use Ghost Hunting to try to hide a meth lab! Paranormal bullying is uncalled for and stupid. Knock it off, because it gets old. Worry about your team and no one else's. 

2. We are all in this field to find proof of life after death; to catch EVP'S, pictures/images of spirits; to document from intelligent, to residual, to demonic etc.. To help families and owners to get rid of what’s there, so they know they are not crazy and can take comfort in knowing as a team we are all there! 

3. Hello, we are all looking for the same thing here. No one team is better than the next. We again have the same common goals in mind in this field. There’re sadly those out there who like to do it for fun when they are bored or scam people to make money and get arrested for doing stupid s***, so the rest of us have problems getting into places , and even just in it trying to get famous!  Most of us are not into this field for money and fame.

4. Every team is different: from having mediums, to not at all; or just using the scientific approach; to straight-up debunking. Setting up of equipment may not be done in the same order, it varies here! You may stick to pairing up, or not, even going as far as doing the research on where ever you and your team investigate. You have as much information you need with what the owner of such building or home tells you! Also in some cases I have noticed, people provoking and pissing off spirits is not smart, especially when they know it is demonic. You put yourself, team and the clients in more danger, and just because you saw it on TV does not make you a Demon Hunter! Years of dedication, research, and dealing with them hands on makes you a demonologist!

5. Seriously, why bash and bully each other? What in the heck is there for us to gain from this? I will tell you what: NOTHING! Not a thing. It just makes the ones who do this look bad and that can ruin the rest of us reputation wise!

6. We can only hope that one day we will all get a long! Stop resorting to bullying and have child size tantrums and quit kicking sand in each other’s faces! It is already way past old and it needs to stop. We are all in this field for the same thing(s), no one is better than the next, and age does not have anything to do with how long we have, or have not been in this field! We all got into this for our reasons, personal and not. As doing all of the above here is not what we should be doing. From all this jealousy, anger, and hate, we are human; we cry the same, hurt the same and bleed the same. There is no "I" in team work. Without all of this mean stuff we would be fine. Words can hurt just as much, so do not be little, look down on others, or judge. Because at the end of the day, you come out looking ugly and everyone sees your true colors!

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