Monday, September 30, 2013

Scary Game Review: Amnesia - White Night

Hey guys, it’s SS here with another scary video game review. 

I actually watched this game a few years ago on my commentator of choice, the Rad Brad’s channel and was amazed. The reason why I was amazed was because they took an actual game and made it into something entirely different. 

What game am I talking about? Amnesia: White Night. 

The game takes the world of The Dark Descent and warps it into a new world, with a new story. Some people say it’s not even a horror game, like the Descent was, but I think it’s freaky enough. 

The Story (No Spoilers): 

Be careful about what or who to believe.

Just like the Dark Descent, your character wakes up and has no idea where they are or what happened to them. All this person, whose name is David, knows is that he is in a mental hospital. The beginning of the game, which acts like an prologue, doesn’t tell much. It tells about a happy couple who are celebrating an anniversary, when suddenly the wife is dead. Three years later, the husband is in a mental institution and has recollection of what happened. Guesses point to that the husband killed the wife. 

My Thoughts: 

Not one to play games, but to watch them and enjoy them for the story, I can’t tell you much about the gameplay. Other than going by that it plays just like the Dark Descent. The story, however, is well done. My biggest problem with it is the voice acting. Some is okay, but the majority of it is not that great. It seems like they’re dead panning it and reading their script. I know that they have to read the script, but usually you need to put some sort of charisma into it to make it sound halfway decent. These voice actors did not, however, and it makes the story suffer a little.

I actually had to watch the entire game again, because I forgot a lot of details, minus the fact that I enjoyed watching it. Watching it the second time, I saw some similarities with games like Silent Hill, Nightmare House 2, and Cry of Fear. Elements of these classic games are in White Night, but of course the biggest comparison of White Night is to the Dark Descent. 

The music is really good too. Definitely sends a chill down your bone, which makes the atmosphere even better. 

SS Score: 7.5/10 – I was going to rate it 8/10, but I realized that I rated Outlast the same score. Not that it wouldn’t be a problem to, because other games on other sites (example: give numerous games the same rating. My problem with giving White Night the same rating as Outlast is due to that I believe Outlast was a better game. The voice acting is the reason why White Night can’t be taken *completely* serious. No offense to the voice actors, but they should have went with text dialogue. Another example of a great game with terrible voice acting – Cry of Fear. I will be doing a review on that as well. But where the game suffers, it does make up for it with some pretty fascinating twists and turns in both story and game landscape, along with some neat puzzles. 

I know last time I said I was going to do a review on Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs or Eleusis, but the commentator I watch hasn’t played the game yet (he will, but he has other games to complete first) and Eleusis was not what I was expecting it to be. Not a bad game, mind you, but it doesn’t fit in the scary game category. 

Until then, check out White Night and tell me what you thought. Have a great day.

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