Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Save the Sedamsville Rectory

I recieved this email from a friend on Facebook and decided to share it on here:


Hope you are well. I have an unusual request. Myself and a few others have been renovating a 130 yr old rectory this past year that had fallen into complete ruin at the hands of a dying community and a slum lord.

As it turns out, it happens to be haunted. So much so that myself and one other are the only people left behind to renovate the building, and we are doing so out of our own pocket.

Ironically enough, the slum lord that owns most of the area is trying to force us out and we find ourselves fighting to keep the Rectory.

The local powers don't like anything paranormal... drugs dealers and crime are okay, but ghosts a big no no. PLEASE sign to help save this wonderful building and our labor of love.

Dark Forest Paranormal has started a petition to help save the Rectory.

Would you mind signing and sharing it? You can reach far more people than I ever could, and even though my animal rescue network is vast I need assistance of a paranormal kind.

If you would rather not, I understand and please forgive my intrusion for even asking. And, I thank you for your time.

M.A.R.S. Safe Haven
Midwest Preservation Society

PETITION to save Sedamsville Rectory is here:


Find us on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/sedamsvillerectory

Website: www.hauntedrectory.com

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